Lip Monthly Update …

It is November 24th, and still NO Lip Monthly bag. The bag HAS cleared customs but it is in Ontario (I live in Alberta). I will be so surprised if I get this bag before December comes. I cancelled my subscription as it is taking forever to receive my bag AND so far I am not impressed. Imagine my surprise when I see a charge for December’s bag on my Visa statement despite my cancellation (let alone the fact I have been charged for another bag before even receiving my first one)!!! I emailed them to ask for a refund since I:
A) Cancelled
B) Am still waiting on my FIRST bag …

Surprise, surprise the email response made no mention of why my bag is late, and did not address that I had been charged despite cancelling. Although she did say that they don’t process refunds and that I will “get what I paid for”. I followed up with the same questions, why is my bag not here yet on Nov. 24th and why was I charged even though I cancelled (am I actually unsubscribed? I sure hope so!)?

At this point it doesn’t matter how amazing the bag is. My decision has been made so clear, “Hello, Birchbox!!“.


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