Shopper’s Surprise

Back in early October, I posted about the opportunity to receive a FREE product from Shopper’s Drug Mart, simply by creating an online Shopper’s Optimum account. You had to be one of the first 3000 to sign up and, if you were, you would receive a free mascara, nail polish, or eyeliner from Essence Cosmetics. After I signed up, I never heard or received any type of confirmation about the giveaway. I assumed I was not one of the first 3000. But I was sooo wrong because this weekend I received a free, FULL SIZE, Essence Multi Action Mascara in the mail with a tiny piece of paper stating that I was one of the first 3000. I’m not sure if I just never received a comfirmation email or if product choice was ever an option (although I would have picked the mascara anyways!). Did anyone else receive a free product from signing up? Either way, FREE makeup always makes me smile!
I’m excited to see what this mascara can do! Has anyone tried the Essence Cosmetics line? What did you think?


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