Wanna Make Out?

Life has this funny way of propelling forward. Going by faster and faster with each coming year. We rush by in such a blur that we forget to stop and enjoy the little things. Too cliche? Maybe.

I have been in a relationship for nearly 6 years with a man I love dearly. We have had our ups and downs, our share of laughs and tears. But no matter what problems we face, sex isn’t one of them. Why? Because we take the time to slow it down and enjoy each other. Don’t get me wrong. Everybody loves a quickie now and then. But that’s not what I mean when I say slow it down. Take the time to hold hands, give massages, hug. Send good morning texts and kiss goodnight. As we grow older we rush to take our clothes off and jump straight into bed, ready for the intimacy to be over before it even starts. The entire time we are physically engaging with our partner but mentally we are off in another time and place. Do you find yourself caught up in “life“, forgetting to truly enjoy living? Slow it down. Seriously. Set a timer and makeout for five minutes; go back to that school aged splendor of truly enjoying the touch of another human being (sans sex). Leave a little note for your partner that lists all the things you love about them. Do something selfless. Cook your love a spectacular dinner and eat it with no T.V or background distractions. Take the time to just BE together. After all, isn’t that the point?


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