Champagne Showers

If you haven’t seen the new pics of Kim Kardashian,  you either live under a rock, or you forgot to pay the internet bill. It doesn’t matter if you love the woman or hate the woman, chances are you have come across a few of the images from her latest shoot with Jean-Paul Goude. Personally, I think she looks fabulous, in EVERY shot. But, leave it to Kim Kardashian to “break the internet“. And almost quite literally. Not everyone would agree with me, but even if you hate her, I have a very hard time taking you seriously. Like come on now, perky tits, a flat tummy, curves for days, and a Brazilian wax that is on point. I say haters gonna hate. Maybe because they wish they were that confident naked. In the end though, I don’t think Mrs. West gives two shits about people’s opinions. She wanted to be talked about and that’s EXACTLY what happened. Of course she planned it this way, after all she is famous for being famous. She gets paid to look good and, damn, does she ever. Click Here to see the article. Scroll for pics.


Come on now. Lez-be-honest. Serious girl crush, lady boner, body envy. Just admit it.


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