Hot for the Holidays

Halloween is over and so begins the holiday Starbucks beverages, the Christmas tunes, and (my favorite) holiday gift sets!! Sephora didn’t waste a moment, sending their holiday must haves email, in the midst of my post Halloween sugar high. As with previous years, Sephora has released 3 DIFFERENT makeup bags full of 8 deluxe samples! They always do this a few weeks before their huge Black Friday $12 CAD ($10 USD) Favorites Sale. And they got me, I got a few things I had been eyeing just because I had to get my hands on another free VIB sample bag. Damn Sephora, always luring me in with the freebies! Here’s the details to get your own bag & look hot for the holidays:


This promo is open to all VIB and VIB Rouge members with any purchase over $35 CAD! This promo is online only, simply enter code VIBSEASON at checkout. ** Update: Thanks to a tip from Jan & Jot, Beauty Insiders can enter code SEASONSET to also get this sweet deal (or any VIB or VIB Rouge’s who want to order twice and get two bags)! Spend $75 CAD to get free shipping & don’t forget to pick 3 free samples at check out (p.s Glam Glow is currently sampling!). Bag choices include:

1) A Bright Night Out

2) Pampered Party Prep

3) Flawless Refresh

I picked A Bright Night Out because I’m such a makeup addict. Not that any of you are surprised! Which bag are you getting? Did Sephora entice you to splurge before the big sale?!


8 thoughts on “Hot for the Holidays

  1. OMG they got me too! I ordered two different times because I wanted two different sets, first one I used the vibseason code the second time I used code seasonset. I just had to have both set 1 and 3. I can’t wait for wednesday when they give out the totes and 20% off. I have too many things I want and I have been waiting to get just for this coupon – Janet

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  2. Oh no I just called Sephora to confirm information and the lady said it wasn’t open to Canada 😦 Sorry now I feel bad for mentioning. They also have $20 off in December to look forward to though and I hope their Black Friday sales are good

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