Guess What?!?!

The Sephora Black Friday Sale is LIVE!!!!!!!! (Online)
1) If you spend $35 CAD you can still use promo code “SEASONSET” to get a free makeup bag filled with 8 deluxe sized goodies!
2) Spend $75 CAD for free shipping!
3) Don’t forget to pick 3 free samples!
4) Click Here to see the Favorites offered for Black Friday!!!

I placed my order … have you?! ♡


Sephora Black Friday!

It is official! Sephora has released all products and descriptions for their AMAZING Black Friday Sale. As predicted, they are doing $12 CAD Favorites ($10 USD)!! I am extra excited this year because, in previous years, only some of the items shown were available in Canada.  This year every single item has the Canadian price in the description, could it be we really can get them all?!!?

Here are the dirty details:

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Getting Lippy with Lip Monthly

I think it is fair to say that “lips” are what started it all for me. Before I learned the ways of winged eyeliner, smokey eyes, and carbon black lashes, I learned the language of lips. My lips are full. I mean like so full I got made fun of in elementary school (haha who is laughing now, bitches, while you are all busy injecting your lips?!?!). For a while, I would only rock lipgloss because I felt lipstick made such a HUGE statement (see my Gavatar … yes those are MY lips). But I am a changed woman! Give me bold, give me pigment, give me plumping! I will line this pout and fill them in with the richest, most vibrant colors!

Cue the discovery of Lip Monthly. A beauty subscription “box” (bag) devoted entirely to our puckers! Obviously I was intrigued. Initially the products came in a box, but now, like ipsy, they come in a makeup bag that changes each month (a much better option!). The cost is $10 USD a month (plus $5 USD for shipping if you don’t live in the U.S). You will receive 5 products, a mix of sample size and full size & one of the products is typically a non lip item (MMU – Monthly MixUp).

Reviews for Lip Monthly have been mixed. In the beginning they sent out mostly discontinued products, which left customers not so happy. They have since changed the way they do business and now are sending out new, current products. They recently offered a promo to get your first bag for only $5 USD (shipping extra). This was the perfect opportunity for me to try Lip Monthly and see how it compared to ipsy and Topbox.

First of all, the bag took forever to get here. I signed up in early October and knew my first bag would be November’s. I have no idea why my bag was so late, but it barely got here in time for November (like only two delivery days left, kinda late). Second, I was charged for December’s bag even though I had yet to receive my first bag! This is definitely a huge no-no in my books. Why should I have to pay for the following month’s bag, if I’m not even sure where my money is going? The kicker here is that my payment came out AFTER I cancelled my subscription. I immediately sent an email:
1) Wondering where my bag was and why, as of November 20th, it was still in their warehouse.
2) If I was actually unsubscribed, since payment came out AFTER my cancellation I was wondering if it was an error.
3) Asking for a refund of December’s payment since I had yet to receive a bag and also because I had already unsubscribed.
I’m on my third email to them and this is the answer I have received, “Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds on orders that have been processed, but you will receive all of the bags that you have paid for“. No mention of why my package was late, why I was charged after cancelling, or if I even am unsubscribed! I’m very frustrated with Lip Monthly and I definitely will not be reactivating my subscription (assuming it really is suspended to begin with). I understand they are just starting up but that doesn’t change my opinion, customer service is just as important as the product.

Now that I have got that all out in the open, here is my honest review of the products I received (finally) in my Lip Monthly bag.


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Sephora Sneak Peek

Sephora has released early sneak peeks of their legendary $12 CAD ($10 USD) Favorites Sale!! They are releasing the peeks on SnapChat (SephoraSnaps) until Nov. 25th. I did not have SnapChat but I got it purely to creep these steals. They will be posting the deals to Instagram on Nov. 26th, and Pinterest Nov. 27th.

Sneak Peek #1:

I already have my heart set on the Smashbox lipstick duo and the Kat Von D lippy set.

Sneak Peek #2:

Where do I even start with this peek? I want it ALL! Ok, well almost all of it. I want the Buxom, BITE, Living Proof, and the Origins set (two of each, haha)!

Sneak Peek #3:

These sneak peeks almost seem too good to be true! I’ll also be grabbing the Tarte set, Too Faced minis, and Makeup Forever lip duo. And maybe a few more goodies (Bare Minerals? Caviar?).

Instagram Sneak Peek:

– Tocca Perfume/Lotion Set
– Nest Fragrance Trio
– Kat Von D Lipstick/Gloss Duo
– Philosophy Purity
– Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash
– Formula X Nail Polish
– Sephora Collection Sponges
– Ole Henriksen Duo
– Caviar Anti Aging Hair Trio
– Art of Shaving Kit
– Too Faced Set
– Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick Duo
– Bite Beauty Lipgloss Trio
– First Aid Ultra Repair Cream & Face Cleanser
– Living Proof Hair Trio
– Buxom Power Players Eyeliner & Mascara
– Origins Skincare Trio
– Makeup For Ever Gloss Duo
– Bare Minerals Eyeshadow & Lipgloss Set
– Tarte Set including Blush, Lights Camera Lashes Mascara, & Gloss
– Clean Fragrance Trio
– Boscia Mask & Blotting Papers Set
– Josie Maran Argan Hand Healers Set

Basically, I want it ALL. What are you going to pick up? Gifts or indulgence? Click Here to see Sephora’s official release of the products from Pinterest.

Shopper’s Surprise

Back in early October, I posted about the opportunity to receive a FREE product from Shopper’s Drug Mart, simply by creating an online Shopper’s Optimum account. You had to be one of the first 3000 to sign up and, if you were, you would receive a free mascara, nail polish, or eyeliner from Essence Cosmetics. After I signed up, I never heard or received any type of confirmation about the giveaway. I assumed I was not one of the first 3000. But I was sooo wrong because this weekend I received a free, FULL SIZE, Essence Multi Action Mascara in the mail with a tiny piece of paper stating that I was one of the first 3000. I’m not sure if I just never received a comfirmation email or if product choice was ever an option (although I would have picked the mascara anyways!). Did anyone else receive a free product from signing up? Either way, FREE makeup always makes me smile!
I’m excited to see what this mascara can do! Has anyone tried the Essence Cosmetics line? What did you think?

Lip Monthly Update …

It is November 24th, and still NO Lip Monthly bag. The bag HAS cleared customs but it is in Ontario (I live in Alberta). I will be so surprised if I get this bag before December comes. I cancelled my subscription as it is taking forever to receive my bag AND so far I am not impressed. Imagine my surprise when I see a charge for December’s bag on my Visa statement despite my cancellation (let alone the fact I have been charged for another bag before even receiving my first one)!!! I emailed them to ask for a refund since I:
A) Cancelled
B) Am still waiting on my FIRST bag …

Surprise, surprise the email response made no mention of why my bag is late, and did not address that I had been charged despite cancelling. Although she did say that they don’t process refunds and that I will “get what I paid for”. I followed up with the same questions, why is my bag not here yet on Nov. 24th and why was I charged even though I cancelled (am I actually unsubscribed? I sure hope so!)?

At this point it doesn’t matter how amazing the bag is. My decision has been made so clear, “Hello, Birchbox!!“.