Topbox is Top Box

A weekend full of posts! I know you can’t get enough of me!! I got my Topbox this week, Canada Post must love me, and I am just as impressed as I was last month (my first box). They are quickly proving that they live up to their name. Topbox is a Canadian company (finally!) that sends 4 beauty products, in a cute little tube, right to your door. Shipping is FREE! The subscription is $12 CAD a month (Canada only, sorry US babes). Topbox is unique in that it allows you to create a wishlist of “Prive Boxes” that you can request (and may or may not receive, it’s always random, & a surprise until the box arrives). The Prive Boxes are much more specific about brands and items inside, while the regular topbox could be a combo of anything!

I find ipsy is more makeup based. Topbox has a 50/50 split of skincare and makeup. I really enjoy getting both subscriptions for a nice range of products & brands.

Both months that I have been subscribed, I opted for the regular box and didn’t set any wishlist items. I have seen some pretty awesome past Prive Boxes online (Kerastase Bain Satin Shampoo & Kerastase Lait Vital Conditioner, anyone? Five deluxe Benefit samples including They’re Real mascara and liner?), but none of the current ones have caught my eye. Doesn’t matter though, the regular boxes have been pretty damn good to me! In addition to the monthly subscription, Topbox will periodically offer a $10 CAD beauty add-on. This was the first month that I was able to participate. I have heard of people getting $150+ items! I’m boobsandblonde, of course I opted in!

This month’s haul:


1. Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair Eye Synchronized Complex II: This cream claims to help with dark circles and fine lines. I could feel a warming effect immediately after applying. The price on this sample is $25 CAD/5ml, this alone makes Topbox worth every penny. I’m excited to see if this cream lives up to the hype!
2. The Balm Cosmetics How ‘Bout Them Apples Lip and Cheek Cream Palette (Pie): Tiny little sample, in the CUTEST packaging! Perfect for throw and go! Love the color! Happy to use this (although I feel my lips will steal most of the action).
3. Prestige Cosmetics Magic Pen (Clear): This is just the most peculiar thing. It’s a waterproof primer, for basically ANYTHING. You can use it to prep lids to hold eyeshadow (and also make it waterproof), turn eyeshadow into liner, line lips to prevent lipstick bleed (for any shade!), or even make a temporary tattoo. I’m loving this product and I definitely don’t own anything like it!
4. Indigena SkinCare Blueberry Bliss Sugar Scrub: Made and crafted in Newfoundland, this scrub is organic and all natural! Love the smell. Love the feel. Love how the jar is stuffed to the brim. Just love this product!

My beauty add-on this month, was Soft As Sin Cream Blush from European makeup brand, Teeez Cosmetics.


The color I received was Beach Glow Brown. First impressions, super cute packaging, but BROWN blush on my fair complexion? Yuck! As it turns out, first impressions aren’t everything, at least not in the makeup world! When swatched this blush was a beautiful bronze pink. I think I will have lots of fun with this blush! Retail on this sinner? $37 CAD! Another great score from Topbox!


Topbox you’re stroking my happy spot … keep the goodies coming! Click Here to see last month’s box. Do you get Topbox? What are your thoughts, are you loving it or leaving it?


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