Give Me Some Sugar

October’s glam bag from ipsy has arrived! The theme this month was Beauty Candy and how sweet it was!
Haven’t heard about ipsy? Let me fill you in. For $10 USD a month, the babes at ipsy will send you a super cute makeup bag and five beauty items, some are full size! If you are Canadian, like me, the price with shipping and exchange etc. comes to roughly $16.75 CAD a month (shipping is FREE for US customers). You personalize your account and items will be sent based on your preferences. I have only had ipsy for four months, but I’m deeply in love!!

Every time I see this pink mailer in my mailbox, I can’t help but get excited. I save my mailers and reuse them for sending snail mail to my loved ones or storing away photos or small breakables. Anyone else reuse these pink envelopes of fyb sexy fun?


My sweet treats this months came in a super cute teal bag. I love teal and pink so this bag had me from the first zip. Inside was just as sweet (I already knew what I was getting since I always peek). My products this month:


1. Kiss iEnvy Lashes: I received these in Beyond Naturale 01. These lashes are perfect for a date night or a ladies night, as they aren’t so dramatic. I love that they are made of human hair! Super excited to try these out.
2. MicaBeauty Mineral Eyeshadow: I received this in the color Harliquin. The eyeshadow is a loose eyeshadow which I love working with (others however won’t find it quite as thrilling). Mica is very pigmented! This shade is a dark green/blue, the color has great depth, changing as the light hits it. This will be so sexy as a smokey eye (with the lashes?)!!
3. Starlooks Lipgloss: Very tiny lip gloss, not even half size. Perfect for a small clutch or wallet! The color is Guilty Pleasure, a nude pink shade. I’m a lip gloss junkie, so this will add nicely with my other 200 glosses …
4. Ayres Beauty Patagonia Body Butter: I’m not a fan of the scent. I like citrus, vanilla, or fruity scents. Rosemary, Jasmine, etc. just isn’t my thing. Personal preference. The body butter itself seems amazing. Will trade this or throw in a gift!
5. Épicé Purifying Exfoliant: Used this last night. Clean. Fresh. Smooth. A great exfoliant! My skin feels great and looks dewy and healthy! Loving this product!!

My bag this month was great. I’m super happy with it. The Mica alone retails for $16 CAD, once again I got more than my money’s worth. 4 months, 20 products, and so far only 2 products I didn’t like (because of scent). Ipsy definitely has my kiss of approval! Click Here to get your own glam bag! Click Here to see last month’s bag.


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