Because I Needed Nyquil

My world this weekend existed of my couch and my bed. And social media.

Social media = tolerable flu/cold

Anyways, my boyfriend was amazing, getting me soup, juice, and basically anything I needed, ALL weekend my knight in shining armour! But there comes a time when you just need to, have to, must get out of the house. Cold meds running dangerously low, I drove painfully slow to the neighborhood Shoppers Drug Mart. And guess what? It was a BONUS POINT event, 18 500 extra bonus points when you spent $75 CAD on anything in the store (that’s about $25 CAD in points to redeem for merchandise). I was there for Nyquil, but I also really needed some new makeup brushes. Nyquil. But OMG! The Quo Holiday Collection was just released. And the table was right by the front door. Like, as soon as you walk in. Okay long story short, I got a brush set. Or two brush sets. And a mini eyeshadow palette. Oops. Double oops.


This 10 piece brush set comes with a roll case in pink and black! Brushes are black and gold. Brushes included are Powder, Blush, Foundation, Concealer, Lip, Liner/Brow, Crease Blender, All Over Shadow, Definer Shadow and Shadow Smudger. This set was $45 CAD! These brushes were identical to the Master Brush Set ($60 CAD), but are considered “travel” because they have shorter handles. I actually prefer them over the longer ones & love that they are $15 cheaper! This set is such a score, buying these brushes individually would be substantially more $$$.

Quo stock photo:

For $25 CAD, I also scored this matching travel brush set. I have a similar Quo set, that I have had for years (like 10+), and I LOVE the crease brush. It’s wider than the traditional Quo crease brush. Brushes included are blush, foundation and 3 double-ended eye shadow brushes. LOVE!! These brushes are true travel size, with the brushes being the smallest of the sets.


Quo stock photo:

That brings my total to $70 CAD. I grabbed this $5 CAD mini palette to bring my total to $75 CAD and my total points earned to 19 250! This palette is perfect for travel, my gym bag, or my purse! Definitely a steal! I love Quo eyeshadows, lots of pigment & long lasting. Think mini Naked palette!!


Quo Holiday Collection is always an amazing deal. You can pick up 10 brushes & a case for the price of 3 or 4 regular Quo brushes. Or you could grab a cute manicure set or a sexy face palette. You just can’t beat those bonus points AND you know you can always count on Quo quality #FYB!

Ohhh, and I also got some Nyquil …


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