My Thoughts …

I wasn’t going to comment on the Stephen Collins child molestation case but I feel the need too. I grew up watching “7th Heaven”. I bought into Collins’ character as a minister and devoted family man. I would be lying if I said I didn’t (on some level) believe Collins’ character represented his real life personality. Collins is the perfect example that child molesters don’t have a certain “look“. They don’t dress a certain way. They don’t always drive white vans, luring in children with candy. And they don’t all have a creepy moustache. Child molesters are just like you and me. They live normal day to day lives and work normal jobs. They have family and friends who care about them. They live, work, play, and walk among us. But they are sick, so very sick. And they need help.

Just as with every sickness, it can’t be controlled. They can’t stop feeling the way that they feel, simply because we told them to. It is very easy to point the finger, but it is extremely difficult to actually reach out and help those troubled individuals. The difference between fantasy and molestation is a fine one. According to the justice system, the crime is in the action, not in the thought. But if we, as a society, took the time to address the thought, before it became an action, many children would not be exploited at all. Preventative care, people!!! We need to stop the problem before it starts. We are all guilty. Because we ignore the problems until they become epidemics. When will we learn that we are all part of the solution?

*If you want to read more about the allegations against Collins, Click Here.


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