Subscription Addiction

Hi! I’m boobs&blonde and I’m booty beauty obsessed. No, really. I’m addicted to lipgloss & lipstick, mascara & bronzer, eyeliner & eyeshadows … should I keep going? So imagine my excitement, when I learned (just this past June) about beauty boxes delivered right to my door! Had I been living under a rock? My addiction started with ipsy, grew to include Topbox, and now I introduce you to Lip Monthly! It can be hard to find a good subscription box that delivers to Canada  (most, including the original beauty box Birchbox, do not – insert sad face).


I’m excited to see what Lip Monthly has in store! They send 2-3 full size products and 2-3 deluxe sample size products, for a total of 5 products a month. Recently, they have started to send their products in a cute Lip Monthly printed makeup bag (way better than a wasteful box!). As the name implies, they send mainly lip products (gloss, balm, lip liner, lipstick etc.) but they also sometimes throw in something different (mascara, hair products, hand cream, nail polish etc.). All that for only $10 CAD! However, being Canadian, you know they charge for shipping ($5 CAD). This brings the total of the box (with tax) to about $16 CAD (same price point as ipsy).
**Note: Topbox is a Canadian company and they DO NOT charge for shipping (Canada only). To date this is the only box I have found that ships for free!

But why subscribe to another box? Because right now if you use promo code FALL5 you get $5 dollars off your first box! Including shipping, that brings the total of the box to $11 CAD ($6 USD)!! Lip Monthly also offers a 4 month subscriptions for $40 ($32 with promo code FALL299) or annual subscriptions for $120 ($100 with promo code FALL12 … that’s like getting two free months!). My plan is to take advantage of the deal ($11 CAD for 5 lip products? Yes please!!!) and cancel if I’m not impressed. Will you be taking advantage of the fall promo? I know you will! CLICK HERE to get your own Lip Monthly! Kisses Bitches💋💋


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