My Favorite Trainwreck

So many child stars, so many downhill spirals. Amanda Bynes. The train wreck I LOVE TO can’t help but watch. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t fascinated with the drama that surrounds Amanda. I cringed when I saw that she had pierced her face. I held my breath as she told Drake to “murder her vagina“. I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard she threw a bong out of her apartment window, in front of a cop. I loved my daily dose of crazy Bynes. I was disappointed when everything went back to normal. It was like my favorite soap opera was now off the air. And maybe that’s not really fair to say. She was a troubled individual in need of guidance. But in a society obsessed with life on the A-List, we revel in the scandals, just as much as the successes. Imagine my surprise, when I wake up this morning, to the news that Amanda had been arrested for driving under the influence of a stimulant. After months of supposedly getting on the straight and narrow, it seems Amanda took a leap, right off the rails (again). Should I be getting my popcorn ready for a sequel to the Crazy Chronicles? Or was this a one time slip up?

Here are a few of my favorite Amanda moments (excluding murders of vaginas):




And the golden moment
Amanda Bynes Working Out
**Click the damn link already!**

Who is your favorite child star train wreck? Britney, Lilo, Bynes … you tell me?


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