Devil Children

People, control your damn children! It‘s bad enough that I have to smile and say “No problem”, while I try and maneuver around your whining six year old in the middle of the grocery aisle, let alone having to listen to them scream through a 7 hour flight (I don’t care if it is his first time on a plane). OR having to watch them eat with their hands, as I try and eat my $50 steak and not be repulsed (take them to McDonald’s, because this establishment is supposed to be a place of FINE dining, aka snot free). OR sit in my car, for what seems like an eternity, as they saunter across the street with their MOB (yes, 13 year old self-proclaimed rebel, I’m talking about you). I say “control” loosely because this is much deeper than just telling your child to do something and having them do it (if that’s what you want, get a dog). It’s about taking away the iPad and telling them to go outside and play. It’s about cutting out processed foods and sugars, and replacing them with substance and nutrition. It’s about giving them a bedtime, so they get their 8 hours. It’s about listening to them and talking to them, EVERY day. It’s about screening their social media accounts and internet access. Because out of control kids are really just a reflection of their mindless parents. Not everyone should be a parent, but, unfortunately, the vast majority can reproduce.


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