Ipsy vs. Topbox

So you want to get a subscription box, but which one? I did some research before I signed up for ANY subscription boxes. You should do as I say the same. Some boxes are monthly, some quarterly, some are more expensive with more products, and some are cheaper with fewer products. I wanted more makeup products than skincare products, but also did not want to spend a small fortune every month. My first subscription was with IPSY. I’m loving the variety of products they send and the cute makeup bag is a nice touch! This month my bag was themed “Street Style” and the goodies were stellar! I was so excited for the Sally Hansen gel polish that I bought a mint green/blue shade even before my bag arrived! The lipstick was my other fav. item. The shade is universal, would look great on all skin types, and is oh so sexy!

Here’s this month’s Ipsy bag:

I paid $10 CAD (plus $5 CAD for shipping to Canada). The Sally Hansen Gel Polish kits, alone, retail for $19.99 CAD! Definitely worth the money!!

After falling in love with Ipsy, I signed up for Top Box. They are a Canadian based company, so shipping is FREE! This was my first month with them and, so far, I’m loving them every bit as much as Ipsy. I already own and love two of the products (Benefit They’re Real Mascara – my current go to, & the Pur lisse daily moisturizer).

Here’s the rest of my goodies from Topbox:
PhotoGrid_1410982771887 I paid $12 CAD for my Topbox. The mini mascara retails for $12 CAD at Sephora, so again, the box for this month was a win!!!

My verdict: BOTH!! Why chose only one, when you can have both, for just over $25?! I’ll just drink a few less pumpkin spiced lattes!! *wink wink*


12 thoughts on “Ipsy vs. Topbox

    • Ipsy can definitely have some good brands too. Last month I got Urban Decay, the month before I got Bare Minerals and the same Purlisse that I got this month in Topbox. It will be interesting to see how they play out over the next few months. Do you have either box?


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