Is Bigger Really Better?

Boobs. We live in a society that is fascinated with boobs. Big ones, small ones, real ones, fake ones. Doesn’t really matter, if you got ’em, someone will want ’em. Society is programmed to want what they can’t have. Always wanting more. Always wanting better. Never satisfied with anything that we already have. Boobs are no exception to this rule. It’s the only place where scoring a “D” is better than scoring an “A”. Superficial? Yes, but it’s true. Everyone wants bigger. Because bigger is better, right? Wrong.
You may have heard it before, or maybe you can relate personally, but honestly, big boobs can be ARE overrated. I mean, having bountiful cleavage is great when you want a few free drinks on Saturday night. But not so great when you are trying to have an inconspicuous workout at the gym. Or while you struggle for air in “downward dog”. Or when having to try on 30 different bras, in hopes of finding just ONE that fits properly. Nevermind that constant feeling that your tits might be making a bigger statement than your new shoes. Now I can hear the whines of all the flat chested girls everywhere, screaming that I have no idea what it’s like to not have boobs. And that is true. In western culture, breasts represent a certain femininity. And therefore, those with small ones may feel they need bigger ones to fit western ideals or get the attention of a certain someone. But that’s not true. Boobs aren’t who you are and they don’t determine your level of “beautiful“. What is true, is that carrying around 36 DD’s comes at a price. And that price includes looking like a late night call girl every time I wear a regular tank top. Basically, all I’m trying to say is, don’t wish for big boobs. Big boobs are fun in theory, but a pain in the back ass in reality. There is something amazing about running a 5K without fear of being knocked out by one of your own breasts. Small chested women, love your small boobs. Because good things do come in small packages, and boobs are boobs; society is going to love them anyway!! ♡♡♡


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