The Making of a Girly Girl

Sure, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But, it is also in the way she applies that lipgloss, the way her ass looks in those heels, and that smile she gets when she holds that handbag for the first time. And yes, most of all, it is in the way she laughs, with the wind blowing through her hair. But, we are not here to talk about such life changing moments. I’m here to remind you of those everyday, SUPERFICIAL moments. Those moments where you allow yourself to succumb to societal pressures. Those moments that make your drool for a man named Michael (Kors, obvi).

Little girls are “little princesses” before they even take their first breath. The pressure of gender roles already impacting life as they know it. I was blonde no exception. I swear I came into this world a fierce, little, naked diva. I was smothered in dresses and everything PINK. Did this impact me into adulthood? Of course it did? Do I care? No. I love being a woman. I love expressing my femininity. To me, being “girly” is feminine. That does not mean that the only way to be feminine is to be “girly” (so chill the fuck out feminists, who are rolling your eyes. Sometimes we just want to paint our nails and keep up with the Kardashians … & we are allowed).

This blog is about me and all the other “girly girls” out there. The ones who love pink and rhinestones, purses and shoes, makeup and curls, heels and lingerie. Ok, & maybe the occasional gossip post. #bitchplease


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