My Favorite Trainwreck

So many child stars, so many downhill spirals. Amanda Bynes. The train wreck I LOVE TO can’t help but watch. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t fascinated with the drama that surrounds Amanda. I cringed when I saw that she had pierced her face. I held my breath as she told Drake to “murder her vagina“. I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard she threw a bong out of her apartment window, in front of a cop. I loved my daily dose of crazy Bynes. I was disappointed when everything went back to normal. It was like my favorite soap opera was now off the air. And maybe that’s not really fair to say. She was a troubled individual in need of guidance. But in a society obsessed with life on the A-List, we revel in the scandals, just as much as the successes. Imagine my surprise, when I wake up this morning, to the news that Amanda had been arrested for driving under the influence of a stimulant. After months of supposedly getting on the straight and narrow, it seems Amanda took a leap, right off the rails (again). Should I be getting my popcorn ready for a sequel to the Crazy Chronicles? Or was this a one time slip up?

Here are a few of my favorite Amanda moments (excluding murders of vaginas):




And the golden moment
Amanda Bynes Working Out
**Click the damn link already!**

Who is your favorite child star train wreck? Britney, Lilo, Bynes … you tell me?

Diamonds in the Rough

I’m so lucky to have a boyfriend who loves shopping as much as I do!! He loves to go on adventures, searching for diamonds for my ring in the rough! Today’s crazy, amazing find, was all thanks to him!! We were driving down the road, when he shouts out that a sign says XS Cargo, one of our fav stores for great finds, is closing AND is up to 40% off! I quickly turn into the parking lot. The place was a complete mad house.  They have great deals on everything including housewares (blenders, toasters, etc.), patio and garden items, electronics (tvs, blu ray players, iphones, etc.), and even furniture! Rough: The atmosphere is very much that of a warehouse, be prepared! Diamond: We got a bunch of great finds, here was my favorite of the day:

Duracell Power Mat System (Samsung Galaxy S3)
Retail: $99.99 CAD
Steal: $14.97 CAD
**The system was also available for iPhone and Apple devices.


This all-in-one charging system is AMAZING!! First, it is a cordless charging system (for up to two devices). Second, it has a backup battery pack that can charge any Apple or mini usb device. Third, the case is sleek & allows my phone to charge wirelessly simply by being placed on the power mat!

I’m in tech heaven! The back up battery is so tiny that it can fit in my purse!! Better hurry up if you want to get in on these deals! The store closes it’s doors end of October!!

The Holy Grail

Here in Canada, we have this amazing dollar store called, “Dollarama“. This is NOT your average dollar store! They have amazing brand name items in every department! The thing with the Dollarama is, stock is always changing (the stores don’t order stock per say, they just get sent the items). You never know what you are going to find, and different stores will often have many different items. If you don’t buy it when you see it, it might never be restocked! Think fast, bitch, or you might miss out!

Today was one of those days, where I walked in, fucked shit up, and found the Holy Grail! Sometimes, everything lines up perfectly in the little Dollarama Universe, and you find a cart load full of goodies. I spent a whopping $15.75 CND (without tax**)!!! I know, how naughty!

Here’s what I got:
Yep, you read that right, $15.75 CAD!!
Here are the dirty details:

Softsoap Body Butter Coconut Scrub (Large Format)
Retail: $6.49+ CAD
Steal: $3.00 CAD
**The listed retail price is for the 443ml size, the size I purchased was 591ml!

ALMAY intense i-color
Retail: $10.99 CAD
Steal: $3.00 CAD
**ALMAY has since changed the packaging, but shades are identical!
*I bought two.

Nivea Pearly Shine Lip
Retail: $2.29 CAD
Steal: $1.50 CAD

Crest 3D White Toothpaste
Retail: $4.99 CAD
Steal: $1.00 CAD

Lady Speed Stick Fruit Fusions – Travel Size (Strawberry Splash)
Retail: $2.50 CAD
Steal: $1.25 CAD
** $5.49 CAD Full Size

And making an appearance for the second time (because it was sooo loved)…

Essie Snakeskin Magnetic Nail Lacquer (Repstyle)
Retail: $11.25 CAD
Steal: $3.00 CAD

♡ You’re welcome.

Devil Children

People, control your damn children! It‘s bad enough that I have to smile and say “No problem”, while I try and maneuver around your whining six year old in the middle of the grocery aisle, let alone having to listen to them scream through a 7 hour flight (I don’t care if it is his first time on a plane). OR having to watch them eat with their hands, as I try and eat my $50 steak and not be repulsed (take them to McDonald’s, because this establishment is supposed to be a place of FINE dining, aka snot free). OR sit in my car, for what seems like an eternity, as they saunter across the street with their MOB (yes, 13 year old self-proclaimed rebel, I’m talking about you). I say “control” loosely because this is much deeper than just telling your child to do something and having them do it (if that’s what you want, get a dog). It’s about taking away the iPad and telling them to go outside and play. It’s about cutting out processed foods and sugars, and replacing them with substance and nutrition. It’s about giving them a bedtime, so they get their 8 hours. It’s about listening to them and talking to them, EVERY day. It’s about screening their social media accounts and internet access. Because out of control kids are really just a reflection of their mindless parents. Not everyone should be a parent, but, unfortunately, the vast majority can reproduce.

TBT: My Long Lost Love

In honor of Throwback Thursday, I decided to post a past deal. One that made me, basically, wet high stop breathing! But first, a little background. I travel to Las Vegas a lot, and I shop as much as I party. I fell in LOVE with a black leather handbag at the Michael Kors outlet, back in March. I mean a “can’t eat, can’t breathe, reach for the stars, over the fence, world series” kinda love. The leather was so buttery, and the bag slouched in just the right way. Anyways, my love affair was soon just that, an affair. I reluctantly put the pristine bag back. Why? Even at $265 USD (marked down from $390 USD) it was still too much for my wallet to handle. Instead, I grabbed a (still adorable) fold over black handbag (also leather) for a more reasonable $160 USD (marked down from $390 USD as well). I was still elated with my purchase and, as far as the first bag was concerned, out of sight, out of mind.

Now flash forward four months, to July, when I was in Whitefish enjoying more shopping and some sun. I quickly ran into TJ Maxx to see if anything caught my eye. TJ Maxx always has tons of brands I love, including, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, and the occasional Coach. There, in the back of the clearance rack, was my long, lost love. Still as black and buttery as ever. Except this time the tag was RED and said $149 USD!!! Obviously, I scooped her up, never to leave my side (literally?), again!. And let me tell you, she was sooooo worth the wait!! Didn’t I already tell you that the secret lies in the clearance rack?!


This steal goes down in boobs&blonde history. Can you top it?! I want to hear about your favorite “wallet happy” finds!!

Riddle me this …

That dull ache. That bloated body. That constant exhaustion that not even a triple, non fat, half sweet, PSL can cure. That never ending bottomless pit, that is, your stomach. That way you make everything sound bitchy

Ugh. Just get me my Lu Lu Lemon’s. And my bed. Comb my hair. Tell me I’m pretty. Rub my back. Where’s my heating pad? Oh, & feed me. Preferably ice cream. And chocolate. And chips. Maybe some tea? A side of fries. Yum, and cheesecake … you know, if you have time to stop on your way home. And maybe pick up a DVD copy of “Pretty Woman”, I need something to distract my eyes from seeing all of the food that I’ll be shoveling into my face.

The struggle is real. Period. Pun intended. Fuck this. I’m going to go eat some pie, and maybe cry.